What do the stomach muscles do?

The stomach muscles (abdominal muscles) are those that run down the front of the body from the ribs to the pelvis, in addition to the muscles that run down the side and diagonally across the body. These core muscles perform a number of roles, ranging from supporting the frame of the body and protecting the internal organs, to enabling twisting of the spine and sitting up.

How does stomach muscle weakness
relate to muscle diseases?

Weakness of stomach muscles is associated with a number of different health conditions. One set of conditions which are linked to weakness of these core muscles are a rare group of proximal muscle diseases (diseases that primarily affect those muscles that are closest to the core of your body).

Weakness of the abdominal muscles that occurs in muscle diseases often coincides with weakness in other areas, such as the upper legs and hips, upper arms and shoulders  or even the face.

How does weakness in stomach muscles
present in muscle diseases?

A weak core can present in a number of ways, such as:

  • Reduced core movement
  • Back problems
  • Inability to do a sit-up

Please remember that proximal muscle diseases are rare and core muscle weakness could be caused by something entirely different. However, if you have concerns you should talk through this issue and any other potentially related symptoms with your doctor. Take the time to think about your symptoms to be sure you get the most from your appointment.

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