Understanding proximal
muscle diseases

Proximal muscles are those muscles that are closest to the core of your body, including the upper legs, hips, upper arms, shoulders and the core itself.

A complex set of diseases affecting muscles in these areas can present with mild and seemingly unrelated symptoms, so it’s really important to recognise and communicate anything you may be experiencing to your doctor.

It may be difficult climbing stairs, or getting out of a chair. You might find it hard to breathe lying down, or have started getting headaches in the morning. You may have even found yourself, or others, labeling you as lazy, lethargic or weak.

So, whether you’ve just started noticing things that don’t feel quite right, or you want to understand symptoms that may be worsening, our tailored report will provide information to help you gain the confidence to work with your doctor to get the answers you need. Because finding the right label, could be life changing.



Investigate some of the symptoms of proximal muscle diseases and learn about the different ways they can present.